Introducing A New Book for Children to Cope

Years ago we were introduced to an amazing camp in Northern Minnesota, called Camp of Champs, that works with children with a variety of extra needs. Three of mine went there and all had an amazing experience. Well, one had a little too amazing of an experience as she created a little chaos! But, that’s the kind of thing the camp is prepared for and handled eloquently.

I was surprised when earlier this year the camp’s owners contacted me about writing a series of books connected to the camp that help children learn teamwork and coping skills. I was thrilled at the chance, and I’m pleased to announce that our collaboration has been working out swimmingly.

Last week we released the first of a three series book package – Legend Gets Sick.

Summary – One morning, the dwarf goat Legend, is very sick. Billy the farmer and his team of animals have to work together to save Legend. His best friend, Snowball, has to find strength he doesn’t know for what’s ahead. Will Snowball keep it together? Will Legend get better?

The book was a chance to highlight a skill that most of us are lacking – staying in the present moment. Too often worries and stress push us past our coping point, which is particularly true of children who’ve experienced trauma or loss. Legend Gets Sick was written to help people understand how to stay grounded amidst chaos. The paintings are lovely and the story is compelling, or at least my kids say so. 🙂

I hope you’ll check it out and add it to your children’s library today.

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